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Let's introduce us first,  I'm Roland .....

Hi, I'm  Kevin ..... 

Together, we have one big hobby, this is collecting old tractors and visiting some of the tractor shows and exhibitions over the year.

The first tractor was bought by my grandfather in 1961, this was the Güldner ADS 8 with   18 hp. The engine has 2 cylinders with 1296 ccm. This tractor was built in 1954, which is one of 356 of this model built in 1954.

The second tractor, the Deutz D 4006 was  manufactured in 1971, it has a engine with      3 cylinders and 35 hp out from 2808 ccm.         

The third tractor is a real old one. The John Deere model  D  manufactured in 1934. It is a real twocylinder model with 501 cubic-inch engine, which are nearly 8209 ccm. It has nearly 41.60 hp on the PTO/belt and 30,70 hp on the drawbar.                                   

The fourth tractor is a old tractor built in 1949, a URSUS C45 and it was restored in 2000. It's motor is a hot bulb motor with 10338 ccm (10,3 l) and with 45 HP at  650 rpm.